Update 1.8

Update 1.8

New look for the profile page and the ability to edit your personal info.

This update implements one of the most demanded functions: profile editing. Now you can upload a big avatar and edit your personal info.

Also, the profile page was totally redesigned.
Now it also support the big avatars and you can rename a contact not only in roster, but directly on its profile page.

All the status icons were updated. Hope you'll like them ;)

Contacts list also got a refreshed look. And there are many under-the-hood performance and stability enchancements.

A couple of words about the previous update

It was one of the biggest ones. Now you can send and receive images, videos and any other files. Flexible settings allow you to minimize traffic.

Login screen was totally reworked; now you can log in using your phone number. And as the first step of full-scale redesign, the app got a brand new icon.

Thanks for using Mandarin and helping make it better.

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